Seedling #403-23-50

Hello Siloam (Warman 2010)
Prairie Blue Eyes X Siloam Royal Prince
Height: 14”    Blossom: 5”     Dor. Dip.
5-way branch    30 bud count
Blossoms Earl to Mid season

   Hello Siloam is a beautiful short cultivar with a large blossom, larger than we like for a short plant. Thirty bud count on a short plant gives a forty to fifty day bloom time. Hello Siloam is or may be our best yet. She is lavender purple with lighter midribs and a perfect throat that starts yellow and goes into a beautiful green. Hello Siloam was crossed by Burmese Tiger (a diploid) and Chinook Salmon (a tetraploid). This is why we use a long cross of at least one hundred or more seeds.
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