Red Capped Parrot (Warman 2010)
My Wife Lynn X Bonanza     Height: 26”    Blossom:4”     Dor.Dip
Candelabra branching  40 bud count   Blooms Early to Mid season
  The branches of this honey are fused giving her a very odd look. She has a beautiful blossom with a nice recurve bagel look. She is a cream to a very light yellow with a green to chartreuse throat and a burgundy to red flared eye with near white midribs. This is another cultivar from My Wife Lynn X Bonanza that offers so many changes to our gene pool that she may never be put up for sale. Red Capped Parrot has always been crossed by tets only; giving dramatic changes and great combinations of the tets she is bred with. A cross with Wineberry Candy married the combination of colors and shape with adding chevron green throats and deep burgundy eyes and edges. One is a beautiful orange with a yellow bubbled edge and knockout midribs. Only six of this 400 seed cross were chosen to be evaluated. Red Capped Parrot and My Wife Lynn are the key to all our lines. 

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